Azeron software v0.14.4 alpha

Azeron firmware v38

Current features

  • Possible to adjust thumbstick angle
  • Profiles doesn’t use scripts (like JoyToKey), so they should work with all games
  • Can work as joystick, as keyboard or as hybrid (direct input)
  • 2 setup profiles can be saved on the onboard memory
  • Possible to adjust deadzone and sensitivity for thumbstick
  • Thumbstick can be setup as analog stick or as Keyboard buttons
  • Possible to switch to user interface for left handed people
  • Possible to switch between 2 analog stick setups on the fly
  • Possible to setup meta key combinations for analog stick (for example, Shift+W, Ctrl+R, etc.)

Latest release notes v0.14.4

  1.  Added possibility to install XIM optimized firmware (see About page)
  2.  Creating a new software profile now copies the opened profile
  3. Added basic Macro support (available only in software profiles)
  4.  Fixed some memory leaks in firmware
  5.  Added deadzone calibration tool
  6.  Made the force update button be always available
  7.  Made hardware reset more thorough


Please pause or stop your antivirus before installation, so that software could work properly and automatically update the firmware too.

Various virus scanners routinely complain about installer. This is because it’s a new program to them. You can check out the installer by using VirusTotal and satisfy yourself before you install.

software and firmware archive

Software v0.9.3 —– Firmware v-28

Software v0.6.3 —– Firmware v-24

Software v0.3.3 —– Firmware v-17

Software v0.1.17 —– Firmware v-13

3rd party software JoyToKey —– Firmware for JoyToKey

Simple firmware for XIM [W11ces]: download

Serial driver (for PC, to recognize the keypad)

Release notes v0.9.3

  1. Added import/export profiles functionality
  2. Added mouse button support
  3. Added hard reset button to reset onboard memory
  4. Fixed a glitch in thumbstick keyboard mode

Release notes v0.6.3

  1. Added possibility to swap hardware and software profiles
  2. Added upper deadzone setting for thumbstick
  3. Added possibility to adjust delay for buttons, to eliminate double clicks

Release notes v0.3.3

  1. Possible to switch between 2 analog stick setups (while holding or toggling a button)
  2. Added LED brightness controls
  3. Possible to switch to user interface for left handed people
  4. Possible to setup meta key combinations for analog stick (for example, Shift+W, Ctrl+R, etc.)
  5. Analog stick is now possible to adjust from -180 to 180 degrees, in case you would want to invert it
  6. Fixed minor user interface issues

Release notes v0.1.17

  1. Added new buttons for other keypad versions (Compact towers and 5-way joystick)
  2. Reworked profile system
  3. Software profiles doesn’t use scripts anymore, so now the keypad should work with any game
  4. Thumbstick sensitivity and deadzones now can be adjusted with slider

Release notes v0.1.12

  1. Updated firmware with joystick control improvements
  2. Added automatic firmware update window (there is possibility that antivirus could block it)
  3. Now LEDs are lit again and it shows which of the 2 profiles you have selected as active
  4. Added software profiles, now you can create as many profiles as you want
  5. Possibility to turn LEDs off via button in the software

Release notes v0.0.24

  1. Possible to save 2 profiles on the onboard memory
  2. Possible to setup all keyboard buttons and keyboard combinations
  3. Possible to switch between both profiles with mode switch on the side of the keypad
  4. Added possibility to setup joystick buttons and analog stick
  5. Possible to adjust analog stick deadzone and sensitivity
  6. Added possibility to setup ‘No action’ on the button

Upcoming features

  • Possibility to import/export profiles
  • Possibility to temporarily switch between profiles by pressing/holding the button
  • Adjust LED brightness
  • Create macros
  • Setup mouse buttons and cursor
  • Incorporate 3 types of thumbstick deadzones