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We are shipping worldwide. Shipping price in EU will be 10 EUR, rest of the world 15 EUR.

We are a very small team and keypads are made by hands, we can make only a limited amount of orders per month. The store is opened once a month to accept a limited amount of orders and put them on queue. The opening time for shop can be seen here: http://azeron.eu/products/ The queue usually takes 1-2 months until we can start making your order.

We are currently working on increasing production.

The price can be seen on our Product page: http://azeron.eu/products/

Everything that is supported by Etsy store. More info: Purchasing in Etsy

Classic keypad was originally made for PC users, but Compact version for XIM (console) players. The only difference is the way the buttons are positioned on the towers. Compact version has 2 buttons less due to the tower size difference. But you can use both versions either on PC or console.

Consoles need XIM device to use keyboard and mouse. As the Azeron keypad counts as keyboard you will need XIM. More info: https://xim.tech/

On PC it works with all the games that support keyboard (you can setup analog stick as WASD movement). In order to use full 360 movement on analog stick, you will need https://www.x360ce.com/ software and it will work only if the game supports Xinput. The manual on how to setup 360 movement is here: 360 movement manual

You can see the maximum and minimum hand sizes here: http://azeron.eu/support/

If the device is faulty, yes we can fix it. Also you can return a product for up to 60 days from the date we shipped it  to you. Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it to get the full product price refund (shipping excluded).

With normal use (no throwing or hitting) it will work for many years. It has worked for me. Just don’t overtighten the screws to avoid damaging the threads. There is a small chance that button switch could be faulty and make a double click after a while. The analog stick is PS4, so it should work fine for a long time.

Keypads are made by hand, and it may take up to 1-2 months to make it. Once your order has been handed over to the carrier for delivery, you will receive a tracking number for your package.

No we don’t do any discounts due to the huge demand and long queue.

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