Azeron Gaming Keypad

Azeron Gaming Keypad

Created With Passion

Azeron Gaming Keypad

Azeron Gaming Keypad

Created With Passion


Tired of dislocating fingers by pressing WASD + something?

We have made a gaming keypad that helps to play PC games tremendously easy. Thumbstick is great for movement and frees your WASD fingers for easier mashing of fully programmable and macroable keys.

3D Printed

Which allows us to constantly improve the keypad, implementing more features and even creating version for left-handed people.

Anti- Ghosting

Press any skill combinations and in the same time move in any direction.

Every button is attached directly to the input. There is no connection matrices.

Be Faster

Easy to reach buttons, with little finger travel distance. Forget about misclicks and be more competitive in PvP. 

What people say?

Incredible control. Allows me to move from two hands/keyboard to one-hand with ALL options at my fingertips. Well engineered, elegant, sturdy design, easy to use. Much better than my OrbWeaver.


It is an excellent keypad, fits the size of the hand, very comfortable and allows for good playability. I recommend it to everyone.


The reason I chose 4/5 is simply that this is pretty much an “early access” product. The whole thing is 3D printed, after all. The build quality is far from amazing, but the design of the product is marvellous, it’s a great concept and I’m happy to support it. Furthermore, the gamepad does not come with any software what so ever. Trying to get this thing to work with your favourite game is a pain, depending on your wants and needs. The digital manual included in the purchase does tell you how to set it up using JoyToKey, but that software, though really well designed, won’t let you take full advantage of the analog thumbstick. You can get around that using a program called x360ce, which allows you to emulate an xbox 360 controller, giving you way more options. 
Overall, an amazing idea, not yet perfect, but great nonetheless.


A month in: This is very well constructed and is infinitely adjustable even for feminine hands. 
Support has been exceptional! 
Highly recommend this Keypad!!


Created with passion

It took us many years full of designing and lot of testing on games 🙂 Several times we started from scratch, until we came to this final design, which in our opinion works brilliantly.

Who We are

We are a couple creating these keypads at home in our little workshop. At the beginning we created this keypad for ourselves. For many years we and our friends played games on it and enjoyed it a lot, so we decided to make this keypad available to anyone who wants it, so we started to sell them.